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Снимок экрана 2015-09-09 в 22.40.31В сентябре 2015го года Высшая Школа Управления Здравоохранением начнёт свою деятельность в рамках выигранного гранта по программе Jean Monnet. В рамках этого исследовательского проекта Высшей Школе будут выделены целевые средства в размере 13 тысяч евро на преподавание учебного модуля «Здоровье и здравоохранение в ЕС». Соответствующий учебный курс будет проводиться один раз в год на протяжении трёх лет действия программы. Руководителем курса будет лауреат гранта, профессор ВШУЗ Дёмин А.К.

The project work programme was conceived in terms of activities proposed, as a proactive response of the system of higher medical education of Russia and other CIS countries to the increasing cooperation in public health and health care with the European Union, in order to speed up positive developments in health at the national and regional levels, and to facilitate much needed policy responses based on European best practices and European integration process. So far there do not exist any organized teaching activities for health professionals in Russia and other CIS countries on public health and health care in the EU. Thus activities related to preparation, implementation, evaluation, follow-up and dissemination were developed, envisaging participation of civil society representatives and accessibility of project materials to all interested parties, based on modern information technologies.

The course activities were prepared to cover the most topical issues, representing up-to-date approaches and best practices in public health and health care in the European Union, which are highly relevant to public health and health care needs and developments in the Russian Federation and other CIS countries, and for international cooperation with the European Union. Implementation of the proposed course will be performed by at the Higher School of Health Administration, which is a part of the leading institution of higher medical education in Russia – I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University under the Ministry of Health of Russia. Project outputs will include 3 training courses, each course for 100 students, within 3 consecutive years (2015-2017). We will provide the course to those enrolled in existing post-graduate programmes. The curriculum of the course will include 3 blocks of 14 hours each, and a post-test of 2 hours (44 hours total). The curriculum of lectures, seminars and group work will include key issues of public health and health care in the European Union. Evaluation of the project activities will include feedback from course attendees. Сourse attendance will be not less than 90%. Participation of representatives of stakeholders will ensure additional opportunities for quality control and monitoring. Follow-up and dissemination activities will include publications, teaching materials, presentations, organising events, conferences, workshops, social media activities, such as social networks for network building activity. A website containing course materials will be also accessible for course participants, staff of the host institution, stakeholders, general public. Consistency between project objectives, activities and the proposed budget will be achieved based on the vast available experience of the University in education, and involvement of a highly qualified team of project partners, including stakeholders, careful planning and monitoring of activities, openness of the project to all interested parties, timely and detailed reporting.